Acts of Misconduct

All Precinct Election Officials are responsible for properly and lawfully conducting the election. (ORC 3599.19)

  • Failure to take the oath prescribed by The Secretary of State, unless excused by the board.

  • Wearing any badge, sign, or other insignia indicating a preference for a candidate or issue.

  • Attempting to influence a voter to cast his or her ballot for or against a candidate or issue.

  • Unlawfully opening or permitting the opening of the sealed package containing election materials to be used in the election.

  • Misplacing, carrying away, losing, permitting to be taken, failing to deliver, or destroying Election Day materials.

  • Distributing or processing Provisional/Curbside Ballots, during the receiving, counting, or canvassing of the vote, except in discharging his or her official duties or in exercising his or her individual right to vote. This applies to all PEOs and Police Officers.

  • Allowing a person to vote who is not a qualified elector or an elector who refused to answer a question in connection with election laws.

  • Refusing or allowing the rejection of a ballot from a person whom they know to be a qualified elector.

  • Knowingly permitting a fraudulent ballot to be cast.

  • Misleading a voter who is physically unable to vote his or her ballot, voting his or her ballot other than as directed, or telling anyone how he/she voted.

  • Altering, making, or permitting an alteration on any ballot.

  • Removing a voting machine from the place of voting.

  • Removing the Master Media Flash Drive from the voting machine and defacing it in any way.

  • Willfully neglecting or corruptly performing any duty imposed by law.