Acceptable Forms of ID

Ohio Driver's License

New Ohio Driver's Licenses, State Identification Cards, and Ohio Interim Documentation

On July 2, 2018, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles issued a new format of Ohio’s driver’s licenses and state identification cards (state ID) – see new licenses and identification cards starting on page 31.

Licenses and identification cards will no longer be produced at the Deputy Registrar offices statewide. A temporary identification document (Ohio Interim Documentation, example shown below) will be provided to an individual at a Deputy Registrar location, and the new driver’s license or state ID will be mailed to an individual about 10 days later.

NOTE: The new Ohio Interim Documentation is considered a driver’s license or state identification card for purposes of voting.

Therefore, an Ohio Interim Documentation with an old address IS ACCEPTABLE as a valid form of identification necessary to cast a regular ballot when the voter’s current address is printed in the Poll Book.

State Identification Cards

Military, Military Retiree, Military Dependent, Veteran ID