Voting Location Manager (VLM)

The VLM is responsible for the overall operations of the Polling Location. They are to ensure that all Election Day duties as prescribed by the Ohio Secretary of State are achieved. These duties include but are not limited to:

  • Over site of the opening and closing of the polling location

  • Transportation of Election Day supplies.

  • Assigns duties to other Precinct Election Officials.

  • Acts as a liaison between the Board of Elections and its voters.

  • Oversees the Monday Night Setup of the polling location.

  • Ensures that all materials, sample ballots and full text of issues as provided by the State of Ohio and the Board of Elections are posted in full view.

  • Assigns a bipartisan team(s) to record ExpressVote Seal Numbers for Monday Night & Election Day.

  • Assigns Election Day duties.

  • Schedules lunch and break for the other PEOs

  • Ensures that ALL ExpressVote Machines are up and running by 6:30 A.M. on Election Day.

  • Assigns a bipartisan team to sign the “Zero Report” on the machine tape Tuesday Morning and on Tuesday Night on ALL ExpressVote Machines.

  • Monitors the processing of voters throughout the day.

  • Ensures that all forms are properly completed and printed including Provisional Envelopes 11 & 4 Lists Ballot Accounting Chart

  • Troubleshoots ExpressVote Machine problems as they occur or contact Machine Tech.

  • Documents Election Day issues on the Voter Location Manager Notes and Comments Sheet or on ePollbooks.

  • Collects all Master Media Flash Drive from the ExpressVote Machine & returns them to “Red” Bag at close of election.

  • Ensures that all voted Optical Scan Ballots have been placed in the Ballot Box and that the box is sealed with a red security seal and seal is recorded on Ballot Accounting Chart.

  • Returns other Election Day supplies-Binder, etc. to Voto Cart located in the polling location.

  • Returns Election Day supplies—ePollbooks, Red and Black Bags, voted ballot cards, Ballot Box and clear plastic tote with another PEO from the opposite party to the assigned substation after the election.

ONLY Precinct Election Officials assigned by the Board of Elections will be compensated.

If it becomes necessary to replace a PEO, you must call a Board of Elections Recruiting Official for prior authorization!

Veronica Hill Democratic Recruiting Official: (419) 213-2034

Robert Royster Republican Recruiting Official: (419) 213-2043

Your BOE Cell Phone must remain on ALL Day!


The Friday or Saturday prior to Election Day you shall pick up:

  • Clear Plastic Tote containing – Blue Plastic Folder;

  • The Red Bag – containing Master Media Flash Drive;

  • Black Bags containing Optical Scan (paper) Ballots for the entire polling location