People Not Allowed In The Polling Location


  • Pollsters

  • Candidates or campaign workers who are campaigning or electioneering

  • A person/persons collecting signatures for a petition

  • A person/persons or group distributing food

  • Visitors (family and/or friends)


  • The polling location is a neutral zone. Electioneering or campaigning is part of the political process but is prohibited within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling location or within 10 feet of voters waiting in line, if the line extends past the 100 feet

  • Voters must be free to make their choices without pressure from candidates, campaigners, precinct election officials, or fellow voters—even if those fellow voters are friends or family

  • Candidates, campaign workers, and other persons entering the polling location must remove or cover ALL campaign garb and paraphernalia before entering. A voter who refuses to remove or cover up campaign garb or paraphernalia shall not be prevented from voting, however you must report any such incident to the Board of Elections