Upon arrival at polling location

Voto Cart #1

  • VLM will assign tasks to Precinct Election Officials

  • Precinct Election Officials will retrieve Voto Carts and roll them into position

  • Remove supplies from the top of the Voto Carts

  • Remove BLACK grip with Provisional Pegboard

  • Remove BLUE grip with Precinct Signs and binder

  • Remove all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, hand sanitizer, microfiber cloths and spray

Voto Cart #2

· Open and remove the gray ePollbook cases

· Ballot Bins should remain in the Voto Box until setting up the ExpressVote Machines

Monday Night Provisional Table

  • Make sure Mifi that is on the Voter Check-in Tableis plugged in, turned on, and connected

  • Place the ePollbook and pegboard on the Provisional table

  • Make sure all of the cords are connected

  • Plug the surge protector into the BLACK cord, plug the BLACK cord into the ORANGE cord

  • Plug the ORANGE cord into the nearest power outlet

  • Turn on ePollbook printer

  • Plug BLACK braided cord on the pegboard into the ePollbook near the home key on the right side

  • An Apple icon will appear on the screen of the ePollbook.

  • An arrow will appear on the ePollbook. If the arrow is pointing down or to the right, select the red, white, and blue Icon. If the message “slide to unlock” appears, slide your finger on the ePollbook to unlock the screen then touch the icon.

  • Start screen will appear on the ePollbook

  • Touch the System Menu. System menu looks like three bars in the upper right corner of the screen

  • Select Poll Worker Payroll

  • VLM should sign in to read the Oath of Office and Ethics policy to workers at the polling location

  • All poll workers will clock in and perform assigned duties.

Items located at the Provisional Table should at a minimum include:

  • ePollbook and ePollbook Printer Board

  • YELLOWProvisional Envelopes

  • Optical Scan Ballots labeled with precinct number of each precinct in a polling location (not put out until Tuesday morning

  • Provisional template example of how voter should complete the envelope.

  • Provisional Voter Book record voter’s information.

  • Form 12-H Provisional Ballot Notice (Hot Line Form) issue to all Provisional Voters.

  • Form 12-D Provisional Voter Precinct Verification Form.

  • Form 10-L Notice of Name Change.

  • I Voted Today Stickers.

In addition to processing Optical Scan and Provisional Voters this table may be used for:

  • Precinct Election Officials to clock-in and out on Monday and Tuesday for attendance purposes

  • Look up voters’ information so that they may be directed to their correct voting location.

  • Print the 11 & 4 Lists display on the wall nearest to exit.

1. Display first list at 6:30 a.m.

2. Print and post other lists at 11:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m.

3. All lists should be posted on the wall nearest to exit.

  • Print Election Day Totals at the end of the election

  • Record voter totals on the Ballot Accounting Chart

  • Only voters using an Optical Scan Ballot can be processed at this table.

Monday Night Voter Check-in Table

  • Remove pegboard from the BLUE grip and place on the table

  • Plug the first pegboard into the ORANGE cord. Plug the ORANGE cord into the nearest wall outlet

  • Place Combination Signature & Official Registration book on the table

  • Place binder containing election day supplies, forms, pens, PEO manual on the table. Seals must remain locked up

  • Place I VOTED TODAY stickers on table.

  • Turn on ExpressVote Printer by holding the power button down until the BLUE light turns on

  • Turn on ePollbook printer by holding the power button down until the BLUE light turns on

  • Retrieve ePollbook with the same number as the pegboard from the gray case.

  • Open the ePollbook

  • Locate the power port on the right side of the ePollbook and plug the BLACK braided cord from the pegboard into the port

  • An Apple icon will appear

  • An arrow will appear either pointing to the right or pointing down. Select the red, white, and blue ePollbook icon. If a message appears asking to unlock the device, slide your finger along the screen then select the ePollbook icon.

  • Start screen will appear. Verify the following information on this screen:

Current election (on the top of the screen)

Polling location (bottom left corner of the screen)

Printer icon is GREEN

MiFi icon is GREEN

Plug is GREEN

Check-in is zero (0)

Monday Night ExpressVote Machine Set-up

  • Prior to setting the machine up, you must get the machine key, machine check-off list, and ExpressVote Log Sheet

  • Go to where the machines are and unlock and remove the YELLOW cord and place it with the supplies

  • Move machines into place in numerical order starting with the zero machine first

  • Using the GREEN cord, ensure the machines are distanced enough to ensure social distancing

  • In a bi-partisan team, stand with one member on each side of the machine with one foot on the base of the machine

  • Both team members will place their hand in the hand hold. One team member will squeeze the YELLOW handle and both team members will lift the machine into place

  • One team member will go to the front of the machine while the other goes to the back of the machine. The person behind the machine will push the GREEN levers on the upright towards the machine. The team member in the front will lift the machine up and out into position. The team member to the rear of the machine will release the GREEN lever and check to make sure the machine is locked into the voting position.

  • Remove BLUE seal from the Master Media compartment on the front of the machine and place it on the report

  • Remove the cord from the bottom of the machine, plug it into the back of the machine, and drape the cord over the top of the machine

  • Go to the Access Panel on the front of the machine, unlock it, open the panel, then move the key back into the locked position to remove it from the panel.

  • Open the privacy lids by lifting the lid up, opening the privacy sides, and bow them slightly so that the tabs will fit into the slots.

  • From the Voto Cart remove the ORANGE cord(s) and surge protector(s) found in the GREEN bag(s)

  • Plug the ORANGE cord into the nearest wall socket, plug the surge protector into the ORANGE cord,.

  • From the Voto Cart retrieve the Ballot Bin. Carry the ballot bin by it’s handle with the RED seal facing downward.

  • At the rear of the machine place the GREEN bar of the ballot container over the lip near the GREEN sticker on the back of the machine and lock the ballot container into place.

  • Plug the machines into a daisychain. Plug machine 5 into machine number 4, machine number 4 into machine number 3, machine number 3 into machine number 2, machine number 2 into machine number 1, and machine number 1 into machine number 0. Plug the 0 machine into the surge protector.

  • All machines should show a GREEN light below the plug icon on the lower left side of the machine.

  • Record the serial number of each machine on the log sheet. Serial number is located on the top left corner of the machine.

  • Lock the front access panel of each machine, record the BLUE seal on the log sheet and place it over the access panel covering the panel from top to bottom.

  • After all Monday night tasks have been completed, go to the 3 bar menu on the ePollbook that you clocked in on, select Poll Worker Payroll, find your name and clock out. Remove the slip from the ePollbook printer and place it in the white envelope.

  • Before you leave, get the “DO NOT ENTER” sign and place it on the door of the location

you must attend the monday night set up to be paid the $20.00