Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning to wake the screen you then press the home key.

  • Touch GREEN START button

  • Democrat/No Party will type first and last name

  • Touch GREEN continue button

  • Republican/No Party will type first and last name

  • Touch GREEN continue button

  • Question will appear “Is this ePollbook being used at the Provisional Table?”

1. Voter Check-in Table will answer “No”

2. Provisional Table will answer “Yes”

  • Then you will touch continue button

  • Zero Report will print and place that report in white envelope

  • To Double check that you are logged in to ePollbook your name should appear on the left hand side at the bottom of epollbook.

  • Input password one for Democrat

  • Touch continue

  • Input password two for Republican

  • Touch continue

This will take you to the Home screen to process your Voters.

For your quick reference we will go over the System Menu (3-bar)

  • Check-in Logs will show all of processed voter from the beginning of election

  • Precinct Lookup is used to where Voter can cast their Ballot

  1. Input address and touch Search

  2. When address appears this will give you the options on how to direct the Voter

  3. Election Day Log how to communicate with the Office during the Election

  4. Soiled and Defaced a Ballot can be used for Optical Scan Ballot and Ballot Card

  5. First get Voter’s Year of birth and their name

  6. Touch GREEN Search

  7. Name will appear on the screen you’ll touch Voter name to highlight the name

  8. Select Soiled

  9. Answer the questions with appropriate answers

  10. Touch continue

  11. Answer the question

  12. Allow voter sign again

  13. Reissue the type of ballot that was requested before

  14. Follow normal procedure to process voter

6-11-4 LIST

The 11am and 4pm reports are to be ran and posted next to the 6:30am