Processing Voters

State law requires that voters must sign his/her name prior to voting.

PEO #1

  • Ask voter to state his/her name, address

  • Ask voter for identification – Examples of acceptable ID are located here

  • Voter will scan Driver’s License or State ID after verification that it is not expired.

  • After ID is scanned, PEO must verify information and touch “GET VOTER SIGNATURE”.

  • Flip screen over to voterAsk voter to sign his/her name then press the Done icon

  • Press the “ISSUE BALLOT” icon


  • Press “CONTINUE” if the ballot is printed, and reprint if the ballot does not print. If card does not print see “TROUBLESHOOTING EXPRESSVOTE PRINTER” below

PEO #2

  • Ensure that a blank ballot card remains in the ExpressVote Printer at all times.

  • Wait for card to print.

  • Verify voter precinct with PEO #1

  • Give voter ballot card., marking device, and “I Voted” sticker

  • Direct voter to go to an ExpressVote Machine to vote.