Provisional Voting

The content of a provisional ballot is the same as a regular ballot, but it is cast “provisionally” until election officials can verify the eligibility of the voter’s vote.

The following are specific situations when a provisional ballot should be issued. (O.R.C. 3505.181)

Please review Processing Voter Chart to determine if a voter is to vote provisionally.

Reasons to vote a voter PROVISIONALLY:

  • An individual who declares that he or she is a registered in the precinct but name does not appear in ePollbook.

  • An individual who does not have or is unable to provide the required identification.

  • An individual whose name in the ePollbook has been marked as having requested an absentee ballot or a UOCAVA absentee ballot. Please note: Do not accept an absentee ballot from the voter.

  • An individual whose notation of registration in the ePollbook indicating that the voter’s “Voter Notification Card” (VNC) was returned as undeliverable to the board of elections.

  • If the voter has moved into your precinct and did not update his or her registration with the board of elections by the deadline for that election.

  • If the voter’s signature, in the opinion of the majority of all four Precinct Election Officials, does not substantially conform to the signature in the ePollbook. (O.R.C.3505.22)

  • If a voter’s eligibility to cast a ballot has been challenged, and you have completed the “Affidavit Oath Examination of Person Challenged”.

  • In a situation where a voter refuses to go his or her correct polling location, the precinct election official must vote the voter provisionally. In addition, the precinct election official must complete steps 1 – 5 of Form 12-D Provisional Voter Precinct Verification Form, sign the form, and attach said form to the voter’s Provisional Envelope.

  • If the voter has changed his or her name, cannot provide proof of a legal name change they, must complete Form 10-L.

How to Process a Provisional Voter using the ePollBook

  • When it is determined that a voter qualifies as a Provisional Voter, refer voter to the Paper/Provisional Table. PEO will look up the voter and write down the precinct voter is eligible to vote in.

  • Ask voter to scan their ID.

  • After locating the voter’s precinct the PEO will issue a YELLOW Envelope to voter.

  • Instruct voter to complete the envelope with name, address, acceptable ID and signature.

  • Ask voter to return the completed YELLOW Envelope to you.

  • Check the envelope to ensure all the required information has been completed.

  • In the YELLOW Provisional Voter Book, record voter’s name, address, precinct, type of identification, and ballot number.

  • Press GREEN “Process Provisional” icon on ePollbook.

  • Screen will flip for the Voter to sign. Ask voter to sign and touch the done button.

  • Remove the ballot with the correct precinct from the ballot pad. Leave “B” stub on pad and “A” stub on ballot. Scan ballot

  • Record tracking number located on top of YELLOW envelope.

  • Advise voter to remove “A” stub after voting; place stub in envelope attached to Ballot Box; place voted ballot in YELLOW Envelope; place envelope in Ballot Box.

  • Give voter ballot, YELLOW envelope and Provisional Hot Line Form.

  • Direct voter to privacy booth to vote ballot.

  • Direct voter to put envelope with ballot in Ballot Box.